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Kalbelia Dance is very famous dance in Rajasthan India. Kalbelia dance is of the kalbelia tribe of rajasthan, the snake charmers. Kalbelia community's occupation being catching snakes and trading snake venom in Rajasthan. Dancers dress traditional black swirling skirts during Kalbelia Dance. Kalbelia Women and Girls dance on the rajasthani folk music during this dance. The rajasthani folk music plays in background and the Kalbelia women and girls dance.

The Kalbelia Dance perform in the time of any big festival or any cultural dance programme in rajasthan India. Kalbelia Dance of rajasthan is a unique dance of kalbelias. Two or three women sings traditional rajasthani songs and others plays the musical instruments.

During Bhavai dance there are some of musical instruments play with folk music like pakhwaja, dholak, jhanjhar, sarangi, harmonium and plaintive notes of the 'been' which is the wooden instrument of the snake charmers. During the Kalbelia Dance of rajasthan we can see the flexibility of the dancers body.

Kalbelia Folk Dance by Rajki-Puran nath sapera & Party at
India trade show 2012 Mexico City
Our team

Kalbelia Folk Dance (Rajki-Puran Nath Sapera & Party) Organise Rajasthan Dance and Music event & Funcation Since 1980. A husband-Wife duo are well known musician and kalbelia dancer all over Rajasthan.

Rajki-Puran Nath Sapera & Party is team of nine people musician and female dancer. All artist are well Experience in there respective filed (musician and dancer) more than 10-20 years and engaged with Rajki-Puran Nath Sapera & Party from past 10-20 years having experience of national and international funcations and event.


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